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Hello and welcome to my author's website.

Patricia L Atchison book signingI invite you to browse through the many pages on this site, where I've included some samples of my work.

Within my posts, you will find my fiction, non fiction and poems on my blog and I invite comments. My interests as an author include, writing for children and teens, and writing and publishing how-to guides.

You may wonder, "What the Heck is a Diarist?" For lack of a better word, I love to journal - to write thoughts, feelings, stories whenever, where ever. If I could, I would add the word 'journaler' to the dictionary, which seems to be sadly lacking from any I have referenced thus far.


Non Fiction & Journal Writing

How-To Guides

Atchison-How-To-Write-For-Children-coverI am asked all the time at book readings and signings, "I have an idea for a children's book, what do I do now?" It is really hard to explain in a few minutes all there is to know about writing and publishing a children's book, so I wrote an easy three step guide to writing children's books titled, "How To Write For Children, An Easy Three Step Guide to Writing Children's Books". It is available on Smashwords, as an e-Book, and as a printed coil-bound reference, you will find more information at Wood Lily Publishers Wood Lily Publishers.

Journal Writing

I like to share my love of journal writing and have shared some journal writing information and tips on this site.


Why I Write For Children

Little Blue Penguin Children's BookI think events of our childhood can be a good indicator as to the type of interests we will forge in adulthood. Given some circumstances, I feel I missed a good part of my childhood due to events and relationships beyond my control. When thinking up stories for children and teens, it is like I can delve into that world again, and make it all good. Besides that, I like kids and teens, what a great bunch of people! Stories for a young age group are exciting and limitless.

I've written a few young adult chapter books, which I will share with you over time on this site, and my goal is to McKenzies Frosty Surprise Children's Bookturn them into e-books. In the meantime, I've published a couple of picture books in the children's genre, Little Blue Penguin and McKenzie's Frosty Surprise. Check them out on my published works page.


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